THOR Photomedicine is the internationally recognised authority in Photobiomodulation (PBM). PBM is a light therapy known to reduce inflammation and pain wherever the beam is applied, achieved by stimulating mitochondria to make more ATP and less oxidative stress. Hundreds of randomised controlled clinical trials and systematic reviews confirm that PBM reduces inflammation and pain, and it also has a regenerative tissue effect. We presented PBM as a solution to the opioid crisis to the US Congress and United Nations. THOR’s academic partners include Harvard Medical School, Stanford University School of Medicine, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania, Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Centre, The Veterans Administration, the NHS and more than 50 other research organisations across the globe with interest in PBM research and treatment. THOR has installed almost 6,000 systems, and our products have delivered more than 34 million treatments. Our extensive product range includes single-point intraoral lasers, a light-emitting lollipop for Oral Mucositis, clusters of lasers and LEDs for pain or healing, and the world-famous whole-body treatment system called NovoTHOR.