Windlin Mateus Cóstola

On-line: Dental bleaching with violet LEDs based on scientific evidence: clinical case report

Mateus Cóstola Windlin1, Isabela Bueno2, Ana Paula Brugnera3, Fátima Zanin3, Denise Maria

Zezell1, Aldo Brugnera Júnior4

1 Professional Master in Radiation Technology in Health Sciences – Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares, IPEN – CNEN, Brazil;

2 Instituto Odontológico V&G

3 Biophotonics Laser Center at IBZ Instituto Brugnera e Zanin, Brazil 

  1. Lecturer & Member of the Education college of the European Master in Oral Laser Applications (EMDOLA), University of Liege, Belgium, Visiting Professor and Research Collaborator at the IFSC-University of São Paulo, USP

Abstract: Dental bleaching has become increasingly popular in recent years, and violet LEDs have emerged as a promising tool for achieving optimal results. However, the success of this technique depends on the dentist’s knowledge and expertise. This study examines the current state of knowledge on dental bleaching with violet LEDs among dentists and correlates the impact of knowledge on the success of clinical practice. Includes a literature review and case studies of patients who underwent dental bleaching with violet LEDs. Dentists with a strong knowledge base on this technique are more likely to achieve successful outcomes. Therefore, it is crucial for dentists to stay up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in dental bleaching with violet LEDs to improve their clinical practice and provide optimal care for their patients.