Terlep Saša

Workshop: Theoretical Basis on PBM and Pain Management

ComfortLase™ – Help your body heal faster and more efficiently the natural way!

Light has been recognized as a source of energy and healing since the earliest times. Today, light can be used in a controlled and predictive way with medical laser devices. Fotona’s ComfortLase™ is a modern laser therapeutic approach that uses the power of light for Photobiomodulation and Pain Management. Photobiomodulation is a biological response to non-thermal, low-level light therapy using visible to near-IR light to heal a wide range of medical conditions, diseases and injuries. Light photons penetrate the tissue, enter the cell and become absorbed by chromophores. The main chromophore involved in photobiomodulation is Cytochrome C Oxidase, an active respiratory chain protein in the mitochondria’s inner membrane. Mitochondria are cellular powerhouses and their activity can be slowed down due to many medical conditions, diseases and aging. PBM therapy stimulates the mitochondrial activity and induces three main processes. One is the generation of the cell's source of chemical energy, called ATP, which plays vital roles in the majority of the cell’s biological activities, including metabolic regulation. Secondly, the production of a beneficial amount of (ROS) Reactive oxygen species, which promotes cellular repair and healing. And thirdly, the release of the vasodilative molecule NO (nitric oxide) increases blood flow and decreases inflammation. Additionally, the application of near-infrared light activates light-sensitive ion channels in the cell’s membrane that further upregulates the production of ATP and ROS. All of these activities increase cell differentiation, proliferation and migration, and result in three key photobiomodulation outcomes: wound healing & tissue regeneration, managing inflammation and reducing pain . In addition to non-thermal PBM therapy, ComfortLase™ Pain Management allows for addressing pain also with thermal heating of the target tissue, reaching and stimulating the larger and deeper fascial areas. Both types of therapy may block the peripheral nerve endings of pain receptors, reduce inflammation, modify the production of neurotransmitters, inhibit motor nerves or simply improve lymphatic flow. ComfortLase™ is an effective laser solution for pain due to muscle or ligament strain, low back pain, pain and swelling after surgical procedures and much more. ComfortLase™utilises MarcCo™ handpieces with exceptional transmission and beam profile homogeneity that enable fast, effective and predictable treatment outcomes.