Satayutt Sajee


Current Positions

Title: A variety of laser therapies for treating oral lichen planus: State of the art

Oral lichen planus is a persisting oral lesion. The routine treatment of using topical steroids demands the patients’ compliance and may not benefit some patients in long term. Laser therapies have been introduced for treating oral lichen planus. Laser surgery for ablating the lesion using 3 to 4 W CO2 laser with continuous wave showed remission of reticular type lichen planus or reduced the burning sensation. Photodynamic therapy using 635nm with 10% of 5 aminolevulinic acid provided remission of oral lichen planus without ablative effect. Low-intensity laser therapy either using 800 to 900 nm or 635 to 660 nm providing photobiomodulation was an effective therapy for reducing the burning sensation and gaining recovery of erosive type lichen planus. Soft tissue welding technique using 808 or 830 nm, was able to promote healing of erosive type lichen planus with recalcitrant to steroid or low-intensity laser. Based on the relevant studies conducted by the lasers in dentistry research group, Khon Kaen University, laser therapy is considered to be an effective modality for long-term treatment of oral lichen planus. The success of laser therapy for treating oral lichen planus relies on selection techniques and monitoring of the clinical results to refine the modalities.