Pawelczyk-Madalińska Magdalena

DDS MSc Magdalena Pawelczyk-Madalińska, specialist periodontist, implantologist, International Master of Science Laser Dentistry. Fellowship with WCLI (World Clinical Laser Institute), Oral Implantology with Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Germany.

She has maintained a private practice in Gdańsk, Poland.

Daily, I deal with modern dentistry with an emphasis on multidisciplinary treatment using lasers of various wavelengths. I like working with equipment that I know. I understand its operation, so I became interested in studying in this field and graduated from the Faculty of Dental Laser Therapy at the University of Genoa. Since then, various lasers have had no secrets from me. From the beginning of my professional career, I have treated patients in a very holistic way, trying to restore patients’ health and self-confidence by saving promising teeth and supplementing them, in the event of loss, by using implants and modern prosthetic solutions.

I feel great satisfaction when I manage to help patients and restore their joy in life.

For several dozen years, in addition to exploring knowledge in the country and abroad and running a practice, I share my skills during practical training and lectures for doctors. I am a co-author of a textbook for hygienists and doctors and didactic films. Now I would like to share my knowledge about modern treatment methods.

I am a member of WCLI (World Clinical Laser Institute), Polish Society of Laser Dentistry, an active member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry PASE, IFED (International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry), Implant Masters Poland, Polish Society of Periodontology PTP, Polish Society of Dentistry PTS, Polish Association of Implantologists PSI and Foundation to fight with the oral cancer: Z Uśmiechem przez Życie”.

Workshop: Photobiomodulation (PBM) In Oncology Mucositis Pediatric: In search of ideal clinical protocol

Treatments in the oral cavity can be performed using the latest Waterlase® laser technology. I would like to introduce you to practical tips and tricks that we can use when working with this laser. We will start by taking a closer look at the use of laser in the so-called “gummy smile”, using the latest laser technology with a wavelength of 2780nm.  We can quickly correct the patient’s gum smile, because this laser allows for a very precise and bloodless tissue correction procedure, without the risk of damaging the adjacent areas. Waterlase® is used to carry out many treatment procedures in an atraumatic way and thanks to it, unexpectedly beneficial effects are obtained both in periodontology, surgery, prosthetics as well as implantology or conservative treatment (we remove only the tissue involved in the carious process, we can also protect the damaged pulp of a healthy tooth or remove badly glued veneer, without damaging it). It is an effective and at the same time reliable tool in the treatment of Periodontitis, Endo-perio and Peri-implantitis, significantly increasing the positive healing effects, which I will gladly present during the webinar. I want to show you how you can shorten the patient’s stay in the office and increase the percentage of satisfied patients with comfortable, quickly bringing results, treatment.