Karaś Bartek

DDS Bartłomiej Karaś
Graduated Medical University, School of Dentistry in Wrocław in 2009. Is a Vice President of Section of Endodontics of Polish Dental Association, Cofounder of Dental Masters Group, Silver Member of Style Italiano Endodontics, European Society of Endodontology, Polish Society for Laser Dentistry, World Federation for Laser Dentistry, Polish Endodontic Association.
Coauthor of the book „Endodoncja w ujęciu klinicznym” red. Prof. Marta Tanasiewicz. He is one of the Masters of Dentistry according to eDentico Magazine.
Since 2013 he has performed over 400 lectures and hands-on trainings in 13 countries on 4 continents. So far he had more than 4000 participants from 35 countries on his workshops.

On-line: LessPrepEndo – is the paradigm shift in endodontics ahead of us?

All clinicians agree that the elimination of infection from the root canal system is one of the most fundamental procedures in the endodontic treatment. Up to now most clinicians perform the shaping protocol to eliminate the infected dentin and enhance it with the irrigation. The most popular accessories for proper activation of the irrigants are sonic and ultrasonic devices. As soon as the Er:Yag laser were introduced to the endodontics we can redefine the shaping procedures of the root canals. During the lecture you will know how the LessPrepEndo protocol with the SWEEPS technology can enhance the root canal shaping and disinfection.

Workshop: A clinical guide to modern root canal therapy

The success of root canal treatment depends on the complete removal of infected microbial content from the root canal system. Today, with the development of nickel-titanium rotary file systems, root canal shaping has become quite simple and fast. Despite mechanical reduction of the bacterial population, it is not possible to eliminate the whole bacteria and root canal debris without the use of antibacterial solutions and activation systems from the root canals. New techonogy makes it real to clean the root canal space without damaging tooth structure. In this presentation, characteristics of known and developing root canal irrigation agents and irrigation methods will be evaluated under the light of current literature information. During this workshop all the participant will be guided step by step through all of the procedures of laser assisted endodontic. We will beggin with the scientific principles of the lasers in endodontics, followed by the importance of irrigation protocols and show the clinical approach of this kind of therapy. All the participants will experience the journey to the XXII world of endodontic treatment.