Kaczewiak Maksymilian

On-line: Er:YAG pulp capping – case series

Successful laser supported direct pulp covering – pulp capping requires procedures done in the same way as the endo treatment-isolation of the tooth and as much as it can be done antiseptically and aseptically. This treatment can avoid endodontic treatment of the tooth with reversible pulp inflammation. That treatment is much easier to do than endo treatment, requires less time to provide the whole procedure of treatment than endo and is less stressful for dentist and patient.

Objective: In this presentation clinical classification, easy – step by step – procedure of pulp capping supported by laser Er:YAG, LightWalker and efficacy was shown.

Methods: This is a six fully documented clinical cases report (photos of each step of procedure, x-rays before and after treatment) where I used LightWalker Er:YAG laser for pulp capping. In every case I covered pulp in the same way, starting from the direct pulp covering with new generation bioactive bioceramic material to the final buildup of the tooth.

Results: Consequently, provided pulp capping procedure can save vital pulp in 9 on 10cases, which is very promising and predictable. Survivability of pulp capping is about 92% in one year follow-up which is confirmed in literature.

Conclusion: High survivability ratio of pulp capping is increased of: meticulously provided procedure (starting from isolation of the tooth with rubbber dam to the final adhesive buildup), using the Er:YAG laser and choice of direct covering material is needed.