Cifuentes Hernán Giraldo

Lecture title: Debonding Of Ceramic Veneers With Laser The Clinical Reality In Contrast With The Scientific Evidence

To promote the laser to remove ceramic veneers, the author will show in this oral presentation the state of the art through several researches. These compare the debonding resistance of ceramic veneers and determine the type of failure (adhesive or cohesive), after treatment with and without Er,Cr:YSGG laser, using a variety of fluences, thicknesses and types of ceramic and cementing materials, both in bovine and human teeth.

Likewise, the limitations of in vitro studies will be discussed, in comparison with the parameters found in scientific evidence. The author will show some videos to confront them with the clinical reality.

It is a reality that using Er,Cr:YSGG laser is an adequate and safe technique to remove ceramic veneers, but research needs to be continued and deepened with additional studies. These should be oriented to determine more precise parameters that allow ceramic veneers to be removed with the laser, in shorter procedure times but without affecting the remaining dental tissues. Besides, they should take into account the clinical variability in relation to the different ceramic materials, the type of restoration, thickness, type of abutments and cementation materials, among others.