Chiniforush Nasim

Nasim Chiniforush DDS, PhD of laser in dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

Topic: The role of natural and chemical mediated photodynamic therapy in management of oral infection

The main goal in dental treatment is s to eliminate or at least decrease microbial population. Among different antibacterial laser procedures, antimicrobial Photodynamic therapy (aPDT) has gained special attention due to its minimally invasive manner and safety. This technique includes light of a specific wavelength to activate a photosensitizer in the presence of oxygen to produce cytotoxic products which leads to cell death. Various types of chemical and natural photosensitizers like toluidine blue, methylene blue, indocyanine green, phycocyanin, curcumin are used. This new approach of using aPDT with natural photosensitizers with potential biological activities can be beneficial as an adjunct to conventional therapy. The aim of this lecture is to assess the anti-bacterial efficacy with aPDT against oral bacteria.