Bordin-Aykroyd Sonia

University Affiliation: School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Dr. Sonia Bordin-Aykroyd is an international speaker and has 36 year’s international work experience with lasers and Photobiomodulation in dental and facial esthetics.

She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in photomedicine at De Montfort University, UK, and holds many certifications in the use of lasers in facial esthetics in the United States.

She has several publications in the field and is highly involved with the education and promotion of the use of photonic technology. Dr. Sonia is the founder and President of the Lasers and Biophotonics scientific group at the IADR, is an active member of the ADA committee working group for the development of ANSI/ADA standards for Dental Lasers, in the United States; a visiting researcher at the University of Sao Paulo, & a former visiting researcher at University Camilo Castelo Branco, Brazil & University of Nevada, USA.

Lecture title: Photobiomodulation in Wound Healing – An Alternative Therapeutic Approach

Objectives: To enable the development of novel potential therapeutic treatments we need to extend our current knowledge of wound healing and therapeutic approaches.

Methods: We review the mechanisms of healing and discuss photobiomodulation as an alternative wound-healing therapeutic modality.

Results: Chronic wounds and scarring are pathologies of wound healing. Chronic wounds do not follow the standard time course of cellular and molecular events that lead to the healing of a healthy acute wound. In chronic ulcer wounds, fibroblasts appear senescent, have diminished migratory capacity, and appear unresponsive to growth factor signals, which is reflected in dramatically reduced levels of TGF-b receptors and downstream signaling cascade components. From acute wound management to reduction of scar formation, clinicians seek to optimize wound care to promote healing in a faster and more painless manner as possible. An overview of the research supporting the clinical efficacy of tissue healing using Photobiomodulation or “low-level laser therapy” (LLLT) will be presented.